I'm Drew1200, an administrator on the Google Wiki. I've recently decided to narrow the scope of the article types on the Google Wiki. Right now, we simply cover too many different types of articles, and it leaves very much mixed quality and inconsistent content. Among the pages to go are any Android device pages that are not Nexus devices. However, many of these pages have some decent quality to them, and all have quite a bit of content. So I was just wondering if there would be any interest in me importing the articles to this wiki before I delete them.

I'm guessing there's around 60 articles, several of which probably already exist here (in which case I wouldn't import them). They'd need cleaned up and formatted a little bit, since they use different templates, but it'd be a relatively minimal amount of work.

Also, just to note, this makes our two wikis no longer competitors. Since we don't really have many of the same articles anymore, we're pretty much covering different topics. I look forward to hopefully being able to work together more often, now that we would both benefit. :)

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