Release month Mobile codename Mobile name Android version
HTC Dream
HTC Sapphire
HTC Hero
HTC Click
HTC Desire C
HTC Bravo
HTC Incredible
HTC Legend
HTC Buzz
HTC Espresso
HTC Liberty
HTC Supersonic
HTC Vision
HTC Glacier
HTC Gratia
HTC Stallion
HTC Mecha
HTC Speedy
HTC Vivo
HTC Marvel
HTC Saga
HTC Vivo V
HTC Lexicon
HTC Pyramid
HTC Status
HTC Icon
HTC Shooter
HTC Doubleshoot
HTC Rider
HTC Shooter U
HTC Holiday
HTC Bliss
HTC Kingdom
HTC Ruby
HTC Pico
HTC Pyramid LE
HTC Runnymede
HTC Vigor
HTC Endeavor U
HTC Evita
HTC Ville
HTC Primo
HTC Jewel
HTC Golf
HTC Fireball
HTC ???
HTC Proto
HTC Velentewx
HTC J Butterfly

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