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Android Desktop

Remix mini on the left, nVidia Shield TV on the right.

Most android devices can be used as a desktop, when connected to a display through OTG, and connected to Bluetooth keyboard & mouse. Now we have Android devices specifically made for using external displays - the Android Desktops.

Android PCEdit

Remix MiniEdit

Remix mini[1] is the most famous Android desktop, with 21,975 sponsors funding $1,647,155 into this project at Kickstarter.[2] Remix Mini uses Remix OS.


iConsole.TV started out with the dream of building an Intel core i7 desktop computer with Android, in direct partnership with Intel. Unfortunately Intel stopped supporting them midway.

Android DonglesEdit

Android micro-consolesEdit

Shield TVEdit

nVidia Shield TV[3] is the most powerful Android device out there, making it a suitable desktop system with the right UI launcher[4]



Ouya is the famous pioneer Android game console that inspired other Android game consoles, and Android boxes in general.[5]

See AlsoEdit


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